Sarah is proud to have one of the lowest caesarean rates on the North Shore. However Sarah will support all decisions made by the parents, as the choice of delivery method is the right of every expectant mother.
The signs of labour can vary between women. Typically, the signs of labour include uterine contractions, tightening of your stomach and cramps in your lower back. About two thirds of
women experience this tightening before their waters break. About one third will notice fluid leaking vaginally first.

Pain relief during birth is available and Sarah will discuss this with you during your third trimester. Whilst it is always great to have a pain management plan for the birth, Sarah understands this could change once you are in labour and will be there to support and guide your decisions. Your options for pain relief may include a local or intravenous analgesic (pain relieving drug), an epidural (injection which blocks pain in the lower part of your body) or spinal anaesthesia (used when the delivery will require forceps).

To Help prepare you for the upcoming birth there are childbirth classes available through the hospitals to all expectant mothers and fathers. Sarah recommends you experience these classes as it will help prepare you, not only for the upcoming birth, but also educate you on your new life with a newborn baby.

If you have any questions or concerns about the birth or pregnancy they can be answered by Sarah at your next appointment or feel free to contact Sarah.