Your Stay in Hospital

Most people are very excited (and apprehensive) about having their baby. Typically new mothers spend 2-6 days in a postnatal ward getting to know their newborn. Here are 5 things i would like to share with you to help you during your stay in hospital: 1) Get Help Breastfeeding Breastfeeding is challenging (for most). Get Read More

What Do I Do?

What Do I Do? I love this question; it is so obvious, yet it doesn’t get asked that often. I am here to provide support and guidance. I use my expertise and experience to pick up when things are going awry. I provide continuity of care and consistent, sound advice. My ultimate aim is to Read More

I Want a Caesarean Section 

A small number of patients turn up to my office requesting a caesarean section for their first birth. I have no issue with this. Many women have been thinking about this for a decade or more. Some have some quite pronounced anxiety around the mode of birth. If your concerns are around pain management during Read More

Dealing with Judgemental People

Too Posh to Push We cannot change others; we can only change our attitude towards others. Pregnancy (and motherhood) seems to be a curious time when ‘well-meaning’ outsiders think they can overstep boundaries by letting you know what their opinions are. Do you need their unsolicited advice? Let’s look at the origins of the term, Read More


I have been musing recently on what it means to be patient. In what ways can we impact people around us by being patient? In my line of work there are a few ways being patient has an impact. Many women can birth vaginally with a little patience from their carers. I have a reputation, Read More

Newsletter Archives

I have published some newsletters on general topics that I think will interest parents-to-be and new parents. These newsletters are brief and to the point. The aim is that I write about things that my patients have wanted to know over my 11 years (and counting) as a specialist obstetrician. I am energised and inspired Read More